Term 4 Writing - What am I?

Learning Intention:
For science, we have been learning about all the characteristics that living things do that means they are living.

Success Criteria:
We will be successful if we talk about some of the things something needs to do to be living. 
Breathe, Eat, Drink, Reproduce, Move, Grow

We decided to do some guess who writing for you!

We chose a living thing and wrote a description of this living thing.  Can you guess what my one is....

Easy Blog Photo

It's a butterfly!

Easy Blog Photo

Well done Christina. You were able to explain why a butterfly is a living thing.

Run, Jump, Throw

Learning Intention:
We are learning to throw accurately, jump further and travel with control.

Success criteria:
To be successful we will join in different activities at PE time to practise our running, jumping and throwing skills.