Term 4 Writing - What am I?

Learning Intention:
For science, we have been learning about all the characteristics that living things do that means they are living.

Success Criteria:
We will be successful if we talk about some of the things something needs to do to be living. 
Breathe, Eat, Drink, Reproduce, Move, Grow

We decided to do some guess who writing for you!

We chose a living thing and wrote a description of this living thing.  Can you guess what my one is....

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It's a butterfly!

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Well done Christina. You were able to explain why a butterfly is a living thing.

Run, Jump, Throw

Learning Intention:
We are learning to throw accurately, jump further and travel with control.

Success criteria:
To be successful we will join in different activities at PE time to practise our running, jumping and throwing skills.

Hui - Identifying Kai

Learning Intention:
I am learning to understand and use some familiar food vocabulary

Success Criteria:
I will be successful when I can identify kai pictures and say the words correctly.

Waiata with Matua Rihare

We are learning to:
  • sing waiata
We will be successful when we

  • participate with respect and enthusiasm
  • use correct pronunciation

Art - Warm & Cold Colours

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Learning Intention
We are learning to sort shapes by their characteristics

Success Criteria
We will know we are successful when we:

  • use  words like - shape, line, straight, curved, corners, edges, sides
  • think about different ways to sort the shapes
  • talk about how and why we sorted the shapes

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Music with Mr McCallum

We are learning about Pitch
  • High and low sounds
  • Creating a pitch map
  • Making ascending and descending melodic patterns

We are learning about beat and rhythmic patterns.

Christina said
At Music with Mr McCallum we do music games and we sing songs. I think it is awesome because I like hearing the piano because I go to piano lessons with Sam. We also get to do singer on the radio.

Term 3 Gymnastics

Learning Intention:
I am learning to create and perform a sequence that links 2 shapes.

Success Criteria:

I will be successful when I perform a sequence that I have created that links 2 shapes with a roll.

Technology - Forces & Motion

Technology Brief
Your moving toy needs to:

  • Have a body that can hold a plastic teddy bear.
  • Have at least two wheels that move by themselves.
    • You can push it to start it moving
  • Move past the 1 metre line at the bottom of the ramp.

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Fitness - Cross Country

Learning Intention

I am learning to:
  • Join in activities with a positive attitude
  • Identify what makes fitness a positive and worthwhile activity
Success Criteria

  • Improve my fitness level
  • Show resilience and perseverance during daily running
  • Participate in the Kākano Cross Country Run